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September 6, 2023

Michigan Governor Whitmer delivered her latest “What’s Next Address,” outlining policy priorities for the remainder of 2023 with a focus on climate change laws in a push to achieve the state's 100 percent clean energy standard. (Joey Cappelleti/Associated Press)

The state of California plans for a mass scale offshore wind proposal, one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world. (Wes Venteicher/Politico)

The New York Times conducted a months-long investigation examining how American groundwater systems are being severely depleted at alarming rates, causing irreversible damage to crucial natural water supplies. (Mira Rojanasakul, Christopher Flavelle, Blacki Migliozzi, Eli Murray/The New York Times)

The EPA released new data showing drinking water for 26 million Americans is contaminated with dangerous levels of “forever chemicals.” (Rachel Franzin/The Hill)

A new study finds hurricanes have become deadlier and disproportionately affected the most socially vulnerable communities over the last few decades. (Kasha Patel/The Washington Post)

Proposals for “hydrogen hubs” continue to grow across the Appalachian region, but critics say the clean hydrogen technology hasn’t been tested or proven at scale, raising concerns about the environmental benefits. (Kathiann Kowalski/Canary Media)

A look at how some cities are tackling the isolation crisis as climate change makes extreme heat waves more deadly. (Akielly Hu/Grist)

The Energy Department announced $12 billion in grants and loans to help retrofit existing factories for hybrid and EV production under the Inflation Reduction Act. (Coral Davenport/The New York Times)

Science journalist David Ewing Duncan and Human-genome-pioneer Craig Venter explore the devastating effects human activity is having on the planet’s microbiome through oceanic research in their new book. (David Ewing Duncan/Vanity Fair)

A team of researchers have discovered the rings on turtle and tortoise shells show evidence of past nuclear explosions, unlocking new ways to study their effects on the environment. (Margaret Osborne/Smithsonian Magazine)

Places like the western United States are recovering from the lasting effects and record shattering rainfall brought by superstorms like Hurricane Hillary, giving a glimpse into the future of hurricane seasons fueled by human driven climate change. (Matt Simon/Wired)

Then There’s This…

The firefly has become synonymous with the summertime, but as fleeting as the season itself, certain firefly species are becoming more endangered due to light pollution and climate change. (Laura Doan/CBS News)

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