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April 17, 2024

Three Michigan infrastructure projects were awarded over $50 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation to protect against climate-change fueled by extreme weather.  (Rachel Frazin/The Hill)

New study reveals that just 57 oil, gas and cement producers account for 80 percent of carbon emissions in the last decade. (Andrew Freedman/Axios)

The Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules to reduce toxic pollution from chemical plants linked to cancer. (Matthew Daly/The Associated Press)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists found “important” greenhouse gases reached record highs last year. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

Europe’s top human rights court ruled Switzerland violated human rights by failing to do enough to stop climate change in landmark case. (Gloria Dickie, Kate Abnett, Christian Levaux/Reuters).

Major retail brands say that they have the solution to the explosion of plastic waste, but critics doubt the new recycling plants will deliver to reach environmental goals. (Hiroko Tabuchi/The New York Times)

In an industry first, the E.P.A. announced limits on “forever chemicals” in drinking water. (Lisa Friedman/The New York Times)

Electric vehicles are helping reduce down carbon emissions in California’s Bay Area. (Tony Briscoe/The Los Angeles Times)

Renewable energy accounts for 22 percent of the nations electricity as solar and wind energy fuel the staggering growth according to a new report. (Syris Valentine/Grist)

Then there’s this…

Watch the solar eclipse? You’re not alone - internet traffic dropped by 40 percent during the eclipse across states in the path of totality. (Jenny Gross/The New York Times)


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