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August 23, 2023

The Biden administration announced a $1.2B investment into the country's first commercial-sized plants that vacuum carbon dioxide out of the air. (Emily Price/Fast Company)

In a landmark case, judge ruled the state of Montana violated a group of young people’s rights to a “clean and healthful” environment by promoting the use of fossil fuels, inspiring future youth-led litigation across the country. (Tom Dickinson/Rolling Stone)

A new report finds the richest 10 percent of Americans account for 40 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. (Laura Paddison/CNN)

Democratic lawmakers in Michigan are pushing for robust climate legislation to support the state’s growing clean energy industry and unlock billions in federal funding. (Kyle Davidson/Michigan Advance)

While the clean energy boom is on the rise, energy projects across the country are facing continued obstacles slowing down widespread adoption. (Jim Tankersley, Brad Plumer, Ana Swanson, Ivan Penn/The New York Times)

A look at the historic Inflation Reduction Act passed into law one year ago. (Dan McCarthy/Canary Media)

The NOAA says heat is here to stay, as above-normal temps are expected to continue all fall due to “trends related to climate change.” (Rebekah Alvey/E&E News by Politico)

Scientists out of California confirmed fracking is linked to the cause of small earthquakes in a newly published study. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

Contrary to previous reports, using recycled plastics in construction materials and infrastructure projects may not have the positive economic or environmental impact as promoted as lack of research raises concerns. (Joseph Winters/Grist)

The Maui wildfires have become the deadliest in modern history, caused by a compound disaster of climate change and human influenced effects on the environment. (Scott Dance/The Washington Post)

Then there’s this…

$50 for a bottle of sriracha? The years-long shortage of popular Huy Fong sriracha hot sauce - and the red jalapenos that make it - shows the growing threat climate change poses to all kinds of peppers beyond just the higher price. (Katherine J. Wu/The Atlantic)


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