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October 4, 2023

President Biden announced the American Climate Corps, a new workforce training and service initiative, to prepare 20,000 young Americans for careers in clean energy and climate resilience. (Kate Yoder/Scientific American)

EV prices are leveling out with gas vehicle counterparts as the cost of lithium-ion batteries continues to drop. (Dan Avery/CNET)

The state of California filed a lawsuit against domestic oil lobbyists and major fuel companies like Shell, Exon for misleading the public about the dangers of climate change and fossil fuels. (Juliana Kim, Michael Copley/NPR)

A “warming hole” could explain why certain parts of the central U.S. are experiencing cooler temperatures as the coasts battle heatwaves and the ongoing effects. (Matt Simons/Wired)

The rise in droughts and heat waves caused by global warming are decimating the fish populations in Canada. (Norimitsu Onishi/The New York Times)

Research shows fully remote workers could produce half the climate-warming emissions than their fully in-office peers. (Allyson Chiu/The Washington Post)

A mine developer was awarded over $20 million in federal government funding to explore Michigan’s nickel deposits in the Upper Peninsula. (Garret Ellison/MLive)

A new study finds unprecedented wildfire smoke and warming climate erased decades of air quality improvements. (Joshua Partlow/The Washington Post)

Journalists investigate the growing flooding and resulting mold problems affecting Detroit city residents that climate change is only making worse. (Michael Gerstein, Jena Brooker/Grist)

A new competitive grants program - The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants - will offer $4.6 billion in funding to cities, states and tribes who propose projects that reduce planet-warming pollution and boost jobs. (Ella Nilsen/CNN)

Then there’s this…

Calling all leaf peepers: peak fall foliage will hit Michigan in early October. (Joe Guillen, Carly Mallenbaum/Axios)


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