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November 29, 2023

TIME Magazine released its inaugural TIME100 Climate List, highlighting the people “making significant progress in fighting climate change by creating business value.” (Marcius Extavour, Isabella Akker, Bee Hui Yeh, Simon Mulcahy, Shyla Raghav, Andrew Wu/TIME Magazine)

Fifth National Climate Assessment report shows effects of climate change worsening in every part of the US, but highlights a decrease in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions due to less coal use. (Stephanie Ebbs, Julia Jacobo, Kelly Livingston, Daniel Manzo, Daniel Peck/ABC News)

Portugal ran on 100 percent renewable energy for six days straight setting a new record. (Julian Spector/Canary Media)

A new scientific study out of Norway shows the effects deep-sea metal mining can have on sea life. (Kate Golembiewski/The New York Times)

New legislation in Michigan gives the state regulators power to overrule local community decisions related to alternative energy projects. (Kyle Davidson/Michigan Advance)

The U.N. World Meteorological Organization report shows global greenhouse gas levels set a new record in 2022, warning “no end in sight” for greenhouse gas emissions. (Justine McDaniel/The Washington Post)

Toxic “forever chemicals” have been found at high levels in more than one in four public drinking water systems according to new EPA data. (Austin Fast, Cecilia Garzella, Abraham Kenmore/USA Today)

The artificial Rio Grand Valley Reef off the Texas coast shows “encouraging” signs of carbon capture potential to combat climate change half-way through groundbreaking study. (Elissaveta M. Brandon/Fast Company)

The New York Attorney General sued Pepsi over plastic packaging, claiming it was the largest contributor to plastic pollution along the Buffalo River. (Santul Nerkar/The New York Times)

The world’s richest one percent of people generate as much carbon emissions as the poorest two-thirds, according to a new Oxfam report. (Kelly Kasulis Cho/The Washington Post)

Then there’s this…

The most powerful cosmic ray from outer space in over three decades was detected by astronomers. (Gemma Conroy/Nature)

A look at this year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree by the numbers - including the 90-gallons of water it uses each day. (Sarah Bregel/Fast Company)


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