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November 15, 2023

The Senate in Michigan passed a landmark package of clean energy bills requiring carbon-emitting energy sources be phased out in the state by 2040. (Coral Davenport/The New York Times)

A new study finds humans are making Earth saltier – mostly due to road de-icing – posing an “existential threat” to freshwater supplies. (Kasha Patel/The Washington Post)

The European Union (EU) voted to cut pesticide use across all European countries in half by 2023 alongside measures introduced to ensure more sustainable use of pesticides. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

The Danish energy company planning to build two wind farms off the New Jersey shore is pulling the plug on the projects, leaving the state’s clean energy future up in the air. (Frank Kummer, Amy S. Rosenberg/The Philadelphia Inquirer)

California is drought free for the first time in years after record-setting extreme heat and dryness. (Diana Leonard/The Washington Post)

The Department of Energy announced a $1.3 billion investment into new transmission lines alongside a report warning the nation’s energy grid needs major, rapid expansion to meet 2035 clean energy goals. (Brad Plumer/The New York Times)

Researchers are using mathematical models to save coral reefs from climate change. (University of Waterloo)

A look at how some economic issues like inflation and supply chain problems are affecting Biden’s clean-energy initiatives. (Kelsey Tamborrino, Marie J. French, Ry Rivard, Gloria Gonzalez/Politico)

Detroit residents are calling on the government to set stricter clean air standards to address health impacts in communities of color as Southwest Detroit battles some of the country's’ worst air pollution. (Kyle Davidson/Michigan Advance)

Then there’s this…

The future of farming? Scientists in Colorado are using a rooftop agrivoltaic farm to produce food and clean energy. (Matt Simon/Wired)


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