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May 29, 2024

Michigan Governor Whitmer announces federal funding to boost Michigan’s green initiatives at the second annual MI Healthy Climate Conference. (Anna Liz Nichols/Michigan Advance)

Executives warn the oil industry is drawing up “ready-to-sign” executive orders for Donald Trump if he wins a second term to roll back Biden administration laws to cut drill costs, increase offshore oil leases and more. (Ben Lefebvre/Politico)

A study shows the Northern Hemisphere experienced its hottest summer in 2,000 years in 2023. (Paige Bennett/EcoWatch) 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts an “extraordinary” hurricane season with over 25 named storms possible, the most ever predicted in a preseason. (Doyle Rice/USA Today)

Florida Governor DeSantis signed a bill that removes “climate change” references from state law, opening up the state for natural gas expansion and the banning of offshore wind turbine construction. (Anna Phillips/The Washington Post)

The New Yorker investigates how 3M discovered - then covered up - the widespread dangers of forever chemicals in their products. (Sharon Lerner/The New Yorker)

As climate change fuels more extreme weather, the insurance industry is leaving hard-hit states,  canceling homeowners’ policies and reducing their coverage. (Christopher Flavelle/The New York Times)

The Biden Administration will end new coal leasing in the nation’s biggest coal-producing region in the Powder River Basin. (Maxine Joselow/The Washington Post

State legislature in Vermont is about to enact the “Climate Superfund Act” that holds fossil fuel companies accountable for the costs of climate change. (Adam Aton/E&E News)

Then there’s this…

Fasten your seatbelts: air turbulence is getting more severe and frequent due to climate change. (Zahra Hirji/Bloomberg)


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