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June 26, 2024

Michigan set a record high recycling rate for the third year in a row. (Cassidy Johncox/Click On Detroit)

Here’s what to know about heat waves and how to stay safe during them. (Adeel Hassan, Derrick Bryson Taylor/The New York Times)

The Massachusetts state senate passed a ban on plastics. (Paige Bennett/EcoWatch)

Youth climate activists win a historic settlement against the state of Hawaii that would legally require the transportation department to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/Associated Press)

The Biden administration tightened vehicle fuel mileage standards as a part of the strategy to fight climate change through EV adoption. (Coral Davenport/The New York Times)

Levels of carcinogenic gas in the high-pollution “Cancer Alley” area of Louisiana are significantly higher than previously believed, according to a new study. (Rachel Frazin/The Hill)

Bayer lobbies congress for protection from Roundup lawsuits that critics say would undo some nationwide pesticide protections. (Tony Romm/The Washington Post)

The Supreme Court delayed the historic Honolulu climate lawsuit against big oil companies, asking the Biden Administration to review the case. (Charisma Madrang/Rolling Stone)

A new study finds traces of pollution across 16 states from the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment. (Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco/Grist)

Heat islands in the Great Lakes and the human cost to health. (Lisa John Rogers/Bridge MI)

Then there’s this…

Edinburgh, Scotland’s city council voted to ban fossil fuel advertisements on city property - including from oil companies, airlines, cars and targeted arms manufacturers. (Shannon Osaka/The Washington Post)


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