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July 2023

The New York Times takes a look at how ‘climate laggard’ Michigan is now proposing some of the most ambitious climate laws in the world, led by the Democrat dominated legislature as a part of Governor Whitmer’s “MI Healthy Climate” plan. (Coral Davenport/The New York Times)

A lawsuit filed by a group of 16 young climate activists against the state of Montana for failing to take actions protecting citizens from climate change went to trial last month, the first climate change lawsuit to make it to court. (Amy Beth Hanson, Matthew Brown/Associated Press)

An Arizona State University professor is researching the ways new cattle grazing practices can help reduce the effects the animals have on American farming and contribute to climate change. (Bill Weir/CNN)

A new report claims that NOAA precipitation estimates used in planning for roads and bridges is decades out of date and doesn’t consider climate change effects on weather, putting the future of American infrastructure at risk. (Thomas Frank/E&E News via Scientific American)

Detroit played host to the second ever TED Countdown Summit on climate change focused on advancing solutions to the growing global issue, featuring panel talks with Al Gore, Al Roker and Ford’s global director of sustainability Cynthia Williams. (Mika Travis/Detroit Free Press)

NASA released new visualizations showing CO2 emission build ups over the atmosphere to help the public visualize and understand the human-caused effects of climate change. (Ayesha Tandon/Carbon Brief)

Earth reached the hottest recorded daily average temperatures globally in mid-July breaking centuries old record. (Doyle Rice/USA Today)

This comes as scientists are sounding the alarm about an unprecedented marine heat wave affecting the waters in the North Atlantic Ocean which comes as a result of human-caused climate change. (Dan Stillman/The Washington Post)

Author Jeff Goodell’s new book examines how the human population can’t adapt quickly enough to the rising heat issues caused by climate change. (Jeff Goodell/Time)

Scientists find increasing microplastic contamination in the Artic that mirrors the growth of global plastic production as microplastic pollution reaches dangerous new levels. (Matt Simon/Wired)

The Biden administration released a new report required by Congress outlining potential research options around solar radiation modification as a way to help limit the effects of global warming. (Corbin Hiar/Politico)

UK scientists published a new study showing the planet is facing an ecological collapse sooner than ever expected. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

A look the issues facing companies like Ford, GM as Tesla opens up vehicle charging technology and infrastructure to more automakers as the automotive industry continues the mass shift to EVs. (Jeff St. John/Canary Media)

Solar and wind power have generated more U.S. power than coal for the first five months of 2023, setting a new record. (Irina Ivanova/CBS News)

New Jersey is the first and only U.S. state to require climate change be taught at all grade levels. (Cara Buckley/The New York Times)

A new residential development in Brooklyn, NY is tapping into geothermal technology for heating and cooling, making it one of the largest residential projects in the state to explore the use of fossil fuel alternatives. (Tom Stabile/Engineer News-Record)


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