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July 10, 2024

Governor Whitmer is expected to sign a new Michigan law that prohibits HOAs from blocking rooftop solar. (Carrie Klein/Canary Media)

The latest longform piece in the July issue of Downtown Newsmagazine explores the resurgence of the age-old controversy around fluoridating public water supplies. (Stacy Gittleman/Downtown Newsmagazine)

The Supreme Court blocked the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “good neighbor” plan that curtails power plant and factory air pollution from drifting across state lines. (Adam Liptak/The New York Times)

Denmark will tax livestock farmers for greenhouse gasses emitted by their cows, sheep and pigs by 2030. (Jan M. Olsen/The Associated Press)

A first-of-its-kind study proves dermal exposure to “forever chemicals” in personal care and beauty items can seep through human skin into the bloodstream. (Amudalat Ajasa/The Washington Post)

AI energy demand drove Google’s emissions up 48 percent in five years, according to their latest annual environmental report. (Justine Calma/The Verge)

Hurricane Beryl strengthened into the earliest Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record devastating the Caribbean and hitting landfall in the U.S. (Mary Gilbert, Elizabeth Wolfe/CNN)

A new report shows a rise in climate lawsuits filed against companies with most of them having been successful. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

The Supreme Court’s recent landmark Chevron decision has broad implications for the environment, by sharply limiting the regulatory authority of federal agencies. Here’s what that means in everyday terms. (Coral Davenport, Christina Jewett, Alan Rappeport, Margot Sanger-Katz, Noam Scheiber, Noah Weiland/The New York Times)

As a part of their attempt to put on the greenest Olympics ever, Paris wanted AC-free games but visiting nations have other plans. (Chico Harlan/The Washington Post)

Then there’s this…

Detroit’s air quality topped the worst in the world following the Fourth of July fireworks show. (Layla McMurtrie/Detroit Metro Times)


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