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December 13, 2023

The first stretch of road that wirelessly charges electric vehicles (EVs) in the country opens in Detroit’s Michigan Central mobility innovation district. (Joann Muller/Axios)

Alternative bioplastics meant to help reduce plastic pollution may cause just as much climate damage as conventional plastics. (Aryn Baker/TIME)

The annual Lancet Countdown report from over 100 scientists and health professionals was just released and warns climate-related mortality has risen worldwide, as some experts call for an end to fossil fuel use. (Delger Erdenesanaa/The New York Times)

An oil spill the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico dumps 1.1 million gallons, threatening marine wildlife. (Darryl Fears/The Washington Post)

World's largest iceberg – three times the size of New York City – breaks free in Antarctica. (Cristen Hemingway Jaynes/EcoWatch)

Future federal tax credits for purchasing EVs may hinge on where its battery parts are produced based on new guidance released from the Biden administration. (Jeff St. John/Canary Media)

The country's first commercial-scale offshore wind farm is supplying power to New York homes now. (Patrick McGeehan/The New York Times)

The Inflation Reduction Act’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grants award $3 million to every U.S. state for producing comprehensive climate action plans, prompting almost every state to act. (Emily Pontecorvo/Heat Map)

A Google-backed first-of-its-kind geothermal power plant is online in Nevada, using the untapped resource to power data centers and homes. (Gregory Barber/Wired

The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 is wrapping up in Dubai where many nations are calling for a fossil fuel ban to combat effects of global warming. (Chico Harlan, Timothy Puko/The Washington Post)

Michigan Governor Whitmer signs the landmark 100 percent clean energy mandate into law. (Ben Orner/MLive)

Then there’s this…

Merry Fauxmas! Fake Christmas trees are more popular than ever, but some experts say they’re not as environmentally friendly as you think. (Alyson Krueger/The New York Times)


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