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August 9, 2023

United Nations Secretary-General declared the “era of global boiling” has arrived. (Madison Pauly/Mother Jones)

The historic heatwaves and extreme weather are posing the greatest challenges to specialty crops – like cherries grown in western Michigan. (Maryn McKenna/Wired)

Natural gas is seen as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, but a new study shows the effects of natural gas leaks can be just as harmful to the climate as coal. (Hiroko Tabuchi/The New York Times)

Governor Whitmer signed new legislation expanding Michigan’s regulatory power to set harsher environmental regulations than federal standards. (Yue Stella Yu/Bridge Michigan)

Scientists are warning the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), a crucial system of Atlantic Ocean currents that regulate Earth’s climate, could collapse within the next few decades. (Karl Mathiesen/Politico)

A new report says the Biden administration’s pledge to address deadly air pollution disparities in communities of color dismisses race as a factor when deciding where to focus federal resources. (Darryl Fears/The Washington Post)

Pharmaceutical drug chemicals are showing up more increasingly in Michigan’s clean drinking water supply. (Stacy Gittleman/Downtown Publications)

The New York Times reports in depth about the years-long drought in Iraq fueled by global warming and the devastating long-term effects it’s having on the country. (Alissa J. Rubin, Bryan Denton/The New York Times)

A new bill in Maine will add 3 gigawatts of wind energy from offshore turbines by 2040, enough to cover half of the state’s electricity requirements. (Paige Bennett/EcoWatch)

The so called “urban heat island” effect is worsening the dangers of heat extremes for more than 40 million Americans living in urban environments. (Nathan Rott/NPR)

Chicken ranks as the most popular meat worldwide, with 85 billion chickens expected to be grown for slaughter by 2032, having major implications for climate change. (Kenny Torrella/Vox)

The Interior Department proposed a new rule increasing the costs for energy companies to drill on federal lands. (Chris D’Angelo/HuffPost)

Then there’s this…

It was all a dream… or was it? Time Magazine breaks down the results of a recent survey that shows climate change is quite literally changing how we dream. (Kyla Mandel/Time)


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