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April 3, 2024


Parts of Detroit could be radically transformed by the city's plan for solar farms. (Brian Allnutt/Bridge Detroit)

Ohio greenlights massive solar installation spanning 6,000 acres. (Eric Wesoff/Canary Media)

New York City has become the first in the U.S. to approve congestion pricing to reduce traffic and pollution while raising money to improve the subways. (Stephen Nessen/Gothamist)

A look at the controversy and politics surrounding the Great Lakes Line 5 oil pipeline. (Rebecca Halleck, Dionne Searcey/The New York Times)

The Biden administration finalized new rules that require manufacturers to slash greenhouse gas emissions from new trucks and buses. (Maxine Joselow/The Washington Post)

The EPA approves strong new tailpipe emissions regulations for passenger vehicles that will accelerate the U.S. auto market transition to electric vehicles. (Ella Nilsen, Jen Christensen/CNN)

America’s diet is feeding the groundwater crisis — as dinner tables and snack menus feature far more chicken and cheese, farms are expanding where water is scarce. (Christopher Flavelle, Somini Sengupta/The New York Times)

New research finds anti-offshore wind activists are spreading public misinformation about whale deaths to obstruct clean energy policies on the East Coast. (Sabrina Shankman/The Boston Globe)

Amid drought and record heat, high-tech greenhouses and vertical farms boast of being a more climate-friend way to grow crops but come with an environmental toll. (Anna Phillips/The Washington Post)

A new United Nations (U.N.) report finds the world collectively wastes more than one billion meals worth of food a day. (Christian Edwards/CNN)

Legislators are pushing to block Michigan’s first chemical recycling facility. (Theo Scheer/BridgeMI)

Then there’s this…

Climate change is altering the earth's rotation enough that it is messing with our clocks. (Joel Achenbach/The Washington Post)

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